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Regular, quality, spinal checkups are an essential component within an animals balanced health care program for good health. We exist to advance the WELLness movement in animal health care with passionate preventative education about the role of spinal health and excellent nervous system function for the ENTIRE family and by providing a natural, hands-on service, promoting a higher quality of life in animals through chiropractic.

Oakville Animal Chiropractor Offers Unique Care

Enhance Your Animal’s Health at Hayward’s Well

Dr. Teri HaywardThe philosophy of chiropractic care is the same for both humans and animals. With such a deep respect for animals, Oakville and Burlington chiropractor, Dr. Teri Hayward is proud to be able to offer chiropractic care for small and large animals. Whether they’re family pets, farm animals or show animals, Hayward’s Well can help keep your animal healthy and lively.

Why Chiropractic Care for Animals?

In concert with appropriate veterinary care, many people seek chiropractic care to help optimize their animals’ health and help them recover from common ailments. Here are a few common indications, as to when a chiropractor could prove to be a beneficial member of your animal’s healthcare team.

  • Your animal has a poor fitting collar, harness, or saddle
  • Your animal pulls on their leash or lead
  • Your animal has suffered an injury from a slip or rough play
  • Your animal is sensitive to touch when petted or lifted
  • Your animal shows a change in the way it moves
  • Your animal suffers from reduced athletic performance
  • Your animal has demonstrated a change in eating habits
  • Your animal displays a negative change in attitude or behaviour
  • Your animal has become reluctant or has difficulty with jumping, stairs or getting up from lying down

Chiropractic care helps ensure your animal lives a healthy, happy life. While we know animals can’t talk, seeing their faces light up and their energy restored is priceless!

Accessible Care That Makes a Difference

We provide quality, convenient animal chiropractic care. With two vet clinics to bring your animals to and a mobile center, giving animals the care they need has never been easier!

There is no need for a referral! Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your animal live a healthier life.

Dr. Teri Hayward | Oakville, and Burlington Animal Chiropractor